Steam train
The train is running
Wednesday14.October 2020
About the train


Waggons on the train: 

Changes may occur.

Café i toget

I dette tog er der en café-vogn.

I caféen kan købes varme og kolde drikkevarer, kage, slik og souvenirs.


Al handel kan betales med MobilePay eller kontant.
Betalingskort kan ikke benyttes.

Tickets and reservation

Seat booking is not possible, but there is usually room for all guests in the train.

Tickets: Due to Covid-19, tickets are only sold on the platform before train departure.
Please arrive well in advance of departure.
Please wait to get on the train until the train staff has time to allocate seats.

Payment: Payment with Danish MobilePay is preferred (cash can be used). - Payment cards cannot be used.

Keep distance: Please keep a good distance from other passengers. - Distribute yourselves scattered in the wagons.

NOTE: Remember to bring face mask to use on the train and on the platforms.